Short Bio -- Troy Tolan

Became serious about photography in high school, shooting sports, covering events and selling photo packages of couples attending formals
Minored in photography at Southern Illinois University with a four year degree
Owned and operated a flat sheet printing business for over 10 years creating business marketing products/services using photos and graphic arts
In 2012, invested in video equipment and established Video Op, as a response to the growth trend of Video in online marketing 
Video Op provides Video Production Services to individuals, businesses and media companies
Reasons to work with me!
1- Outstanding mechanical aptitude
2- Endurance for hard work
3- Always innovating
4- Outgoing positive personality
5- Able to lead and work independently
"Who needs video production services?" -- anyone with limited equipment, time, knowledge and people!
Add value to footage with the use of Depth-of-field

Nikon D800 @ 210mm f3.5

How much is Dynamic Range worth? This chart is a sample of typical cameras with 7 stops of range. Unfortunately most begin clipping at the high and low range of light leaving an effective range of only 5 stops. I use a light meter with all my camera profiles loaded to measure different areas of a shoot for correct lighting. Post-production will love receiving footage with the right exposure. Answer; a few hundred dollars will get you 5 stops, a few thousand will have 7 stops and a camera like the Arri Alexa promises 14 stops.
The cameras to use will be based on the budget! 

Typical range for off-shelf video cameras

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